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Welcome to the web pages of the Department of Anatomy, School of Medical Sciences.  The Department is one of the largest and most successful departments in the Medical School.  We are located in the heart of the School of Medical Sciences, within minutes of the Medical School Administration and Dean’s Office.  Department of Anatomy is based in 3 blocks on the western end of the School of Medical Sciences.  The receptionist at the Administration will be able to direct you from the Administration Block of the School.  The Department Office is located in Anatomy Block III Room 10.

We are an active teaching department with an excellent record in teaching.  At any time we teach approximately 600 undergraduate students and about 80 postgraduate and research students. 


In the past six years we have improved our facilities to provide an outstanding learning and working environment for our students and staff.  The Department aims to teach students from its research base in order to disseminate knowledge of modern Human Anatomy, to train future researchers and to provide information on the biological basis of Medicine to Clinical practitioners.

The Department offers courses at the undergraduate level in areas including Medical Sciences (both medical and dental), Medical Laboratory Technology, Nursing, Sports Science, Herbal Medicine and Sonography.

The Department also provides courses at the Mphil. level in Reproductive Biology, Reproductive Health and Disability and Rehabilitation and at the Medical Professional level (Primaries) for West Africa College of Surgeons and the Ghana College of Surgeons and Physicians.

Learning and Teaching

Access our useful Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) programmes in Anatomy, lecture notes, Self-Assessment questions, practical photomicrographs and much more via our online Learning Environment (video tutorial).  You're welcome to play around with the site, and share your feedback with Dr. Chrissie Abaidoo and Dr. David Morton.    The CAL programmes were developed in collaboration with Dr. David Morton, Dr. Bo Foreman and Prof. Susan Stensaas, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA.  Additional reading material may be obtained from all volumes of the Anatomy Workbooks and lecture material provided by the individual Lecturers.